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Three Tips to Kick Start Your Week

Updated: Apr 5

1. Get excited. Plan out your week, highlight what you are looking forward to, if you don’t have anything, create something. Set intentional energy. Choose ONE word which will set the tone for the week and be your anchor to come back to each day when you need to.

2. Move. Movement is emotion in motion. Shake off stuck energy with a lunchtime walk, a run afterwork, a class or a dance around the kitchen. What will make you feel more alive?!

3. Set Boundaries. It’s that time of year when engagements start to increase, your diary fills with commitments and you feel drained just at the thought. Get clear on your personal and professional boundaries so you can show up fully and be engaged when you want to and need to. If you don’t you’ll be tired, unengaged and that time is lost. Wave goodbye to the line ‘I better show my face.’

Information is great but it has no power without implementation ⚡️

Make a personal commitment to yourself to not think about it but do it ❗️

Change comes from doing not thinking. Go out there and embrace your week!

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