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Why consistent self practice is fundamental for your happiness....

How many times do we feel rubbish and then take action to feel better?

How bad does it need to get before introducing tools to support you to shine? Or reintroduce the tools you have used but let slide because you felt better?

If we only take action when it’s needed in the moment we may fall in to the trap of repeating the same cycle and jumping on a rollercoaster of highs and low. We want consistency!

The habits and rituals we choose to practice every day are the foundations for how we think, feel and act. When done consistently those foundations get stronger so you’re able to build, grow, evolve and shine with ease!

When we remove those practices the foundations start to crumble, we feel the wobble and every day feels more of a challenge.

When I work with my clients I’m all in on creating lasting change and not a short fix which boosts you for a month or so.

We create tailored rituals and habits which best serve you and provide the foundation to move forward and feel consistently happier and more fulfilled.

So, sweat the small stuff because if you didn’t brush your teeth for a week, boy, problems are gonna be on the horizon.

If this lands for you and you are looking for the support, tools and accountability to consistently show up for yourself and create a life you love, I’m here to hold space for you and guide you along that journey. Apply to work with me here

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