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Uncover your soul purpose and live a fulfilling life in alignment

I'm Natalie, a Certified Purpose Coach, I help unfulfilled professional women in their 30s or 40s find their purpose and live in alignment

My mission.

To help professional women uncover their soul purpose and come in to authentic alignment through holistic coaching practices. To support women to see, create and live their best life. A life of fulfilment and purpose. 


How I got here...

I have always been ambitious and worked hard to build a career I have been proud of. Although it soon became clear that my imposter syndrome took up all my energy, controlled my thoughts, my work relationships and hindered my growth potential. I knew I was stepping up in to this role and I had the capability to deliver but my imposter syndrome froze me. Do I deserve this promotion? Am I really good enough? There was a constant inner critic in my head pulling me down. I was anxious at every meeting, cried walking home and got the Sunday blues every week. My health was deteriorating, I struggled to sleep, suppressed my feelings by eating rubbish and generally didn’t feel great about myself. 


During this time my dad was struggling with his fight against cancer. I remember presenting a new concept to the board and sales team physically shaking knowing I was losing my dad. Later that week he passed away. My life flipped upside down. He was my everything, the man I looked up to, my role model, my rock. This put me in a dark place quickly and I knew something had to change. 

Connection call 

This is an opportunity to uncover what is making you feel unfulfilled, establish what isn't aligning in your life and explore ways to deepen your connection with your true yourself to live a life you love. 


Coaching is a partnership and the chemistry between the coach and the client must feel right. We’ll get to know each other a little more and see if we are a good fit to work together.


Is this you?


Do you feel like something is missing?


Are you living the perfect life on paper but feel empty inside?


Do you daydream about a better life?

Are you working for someone else's mission and not your own?


Do you know you have more to give?


Are you holding back and not living to your full potential?

Are you playing small and putting yourself last?


Are you living an unfulfilled life?


Do you know something’s got to change but you’re not sure what?

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